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Dialogues among patients, researchers, general staff of the Department for Temporary Theological Discombobulation at the Center for Doubt Eradication coming soon…In the meantime, please click on “Purpose of this Forum” at the top of this page to learn more about us and our mission.


Walk For a Cure!!

On May 9th, 2009, the Center for Doubt Eradication is sponsoring the Walk to Cure Temporary Theological Discombobulation (TTD). 

Why Walk?

TTD is a debilitating and potentially spiritual-life threatening disease afflicting millions of religious believers world-wide (though it is particularly acute and widespread among LDS intellectuals and professional educators). Thanks to the extensive research conducted at the Center for Doubt Eradication, we believe we are now close to a cure. The Walk draws religious believers together from many religions and belief-systems for a worthy cause. We are not attempting to raise money; our generous donors have provided sufficient for our needs. Rather, we are walking to raise awareness. Over 96% of TTD sufferers are unaware that they carry the disease, and an even higher number-98%-are completely unaware of this frightening statistic. So come walk with us!! It’s fun for the family and great for building camaradarie among company employees and disparate religious communities. As an additional bonus every participant will undergo a voluntary, mandatory pre-screening for TTD.**

More details, such as the Walk location and time, will follow as we approach the scheduled date. We hope to see you there!


**CDE Staff will be on hand to counsel and advise those newly diagnosed with TTD and will help with preliminary admittance procedures to our facilities.